Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the integrated applications of advanced technologies to reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, minimize environmental impact, save energy and promote a more efficient and productive transportation systems. The systems deploy various advanced technologies such as GPS, sensors, detectors, wireless communications and etc. ITS is not only limited to private vehicles, but also include the technologies applied to improve the public transportation system. ITS have emerged as the new ways to manage traffic systems which is cost-effective. With the establishment of the Transport Management Centre in Bukit Jalil by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall Council in the year of 2002, it marks the increasing awareness of the effectiveness and practical of ITS in handling traffic situation in developing country, particularly, in Malaysia.

The establishment of ITS Research Group in the Centre of Vehicular Technology is necessary in recognition of the importance of ITS in transportation systems management. The mission of the research group is to support faculty and research staff in UTAR to conduct multi-disciplinary research and development in ITS. Besides, the research group aims to collaborate with the universities, government agencies, industry partners and others to foster the R&D in ITS. Starting with a small group with few members, it is anticipated that the research group can grow fast in the coming few years with the active involvement of the group members in funds sourcing.


  • Traffic Modelling and Simulation
  • Public Transportation System
  • Traffic Safety
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
  • Sustainable transportation system
  • Network design
  • Transportation Planning
  • GPS and route guidance system


Dr. Khoo Hooi Ling

Mr. Teoh Chee Hooi

Ms. Teoh Lay Eng

On-Going Projects

1. Bi-objective Optimization of Bus Lanes Operations in Urban Cities

- eScienceFund: RM 139,000

2. Hybrid Location-Based Data Server for Web, Wireless and Mobile Systems

- UTARRF: RM 10,000

3. An Evaluation Study of Advanced Traffic Management Strategies In Developing Country: A Case Study of Malaysia

- UTARRF: RM 5,000