International Journal Publications

Publication 2020

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1Dongyang Sun, Amaka J. Onyianta, Dominic O?Rourke, Saw Lip Huat, Guilhem Perrin, A Process For Deriving High Quality Cellulose Nanofibrils From Water Hyacinth Invasive Species, Cellulose, Volume 27, Page 3727-3740, 2020
2Ng Tan Ching, Chong Kai Sin, Saw Lip Huat, Yew Ming Chian, Development Of An Effective Shopfloor Plan For The Heater Manufacturing Industry In Malaysia, Journal Of The Chinese Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Volume 411, Page 91-98, 2020
3Ng Tan Ching, Chong Kai Sin, Saw Lip Huat, Morteza Ghobakhloo, Yew Ming Chian, Development Of An Effective Shopfloor Plan For The Heater Manufacturing Industry In Malaysia, Journal Of The Chinese Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Volume 41, Page 91-98, 2020
4Goh Sing Yau, Experimental Comparison Of Sinusoidal Motion And Non-Sinusoidal Motion Of Rise-Dwell-Fall-Dwell In A Stirling Engine, Journal Of Mechanical Engineering And Sciences, 2020
5Ting Ming Ling, Jeffrey Chin Kong Leong, Jun Heng Kiat, Ramesh Singh, Ng Chui Kim, The influence of manganese oxide on the densification and mechanical properties of 3Y-TZP ceramics, Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 2020.
6Tey Jing Yuen, Yeo Wei Hong, King Yeong Jin, Rahizar, Degating of AlSi10Cu2Fe high-pressure die casting component using resonance vibration technique, international journal of metalcasting, vol 14, pp 125-131, 2020

Publication 2019

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1Chin-Tsan Wang, Thangavel Sangeetha, Wei-Mon Yan, Lip-Huat Saw, Feng Zhao, Application Of Interface Material And Effects Of Oxygen Gradient On The Performance Of Single-Chamber Sediment Microbial Fuel Cells (Ssmfcs), Journal Of Environmental Sciences, Volume 75, Page 163-168, 2019
2Bernard Saw Lip Huat, Numerical Modeling Of Hybrid Supercapacitor Battery Energy Storage System For Electric Vehicles, Energy Procedia, Volume 223, Page 146-158, 2019
3Lip Huat Saw, Hiew Mun Poon, Wen Tong Chong, Tan Ching Ng, Chin-Tsan Wang, Numerical Modeling Of Hybrid Supercapacitor Battery Energy Storage System For Electric Vehicles, Energy Procedia, Volume 158, Page 2750-2755, 2019
4Tan Weng Cheong, Saw Lip Huat, Thiam Hui San, Akhil Garg, Nugroho Agung Pambudi, Numerical Study Of The Geometrically Graded Metal Foam For Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Cell Cooling, Energy Procedia, Volume 158, Page 761-766, 2019
5Riyanto, Nugroho Agung Pambudi, Rusdi Febriyanto, Saw Lip Huat, Kukuh Mukti Wibowo, The Performance Of Shrouded Wind Turbine At Low Wind Speed Condition, Energy Procedia, Volume 158, Page 260-265, 2019
6Ming Chian Yew, Ming Kun Yew, Lip Huat Saw, Rajkumar Durairaj, Yeong Jin King, Effects Of Flame Retardant Nano Bio-Based Filler On Fire Behaviors Of Intumescent Coating, Materials Science Forum, Volume 947, Page 142-147, 2019
7Wang Xiaohang, Chong Wen Tong, Wong Kok Hoe, Saw Lip Huat, Lai Sai Hin, Preliminary Techno?Environment?Economic Evaluation Of An Innovative Hybrid Renewable Energy Harvester System For Residential Application, Energies, Volume 12, Page 1-28, 2019
8Tey Jing Yuen, Yeo Wei Hong, King Yeong Jin, Rahizar Ramli, Degating Of Alsi10Cu2Fe High-Pressure Die Casting Component Using Resonance Vibration Technique, International Journal Of Metalcasting, 2019
9Teoh Chee Hooi, Ryoichi Komiya, Novel Dynamic Localization System For Indoor And Outdoor Tracking, Journal Of Location Based Services, 2019
10Ng Tan Ching, Chong Kai Sin, Bernard Sawlh, Morteza Ghobakhloo, Yew Ming Chian, Development Of An Effective Shopfloor Plan For The Heater Manufacturing Industry In Malaysia, Journal Of The Chinese Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Transactions Of The Chinese Institute Of Engineers, Series C/Chung-Kuo Chi Hsueh Kung Ch, 2019
11Jing Han Beh, Ming Chian Yew, Ming Kun Yew, Lip Huat Saw, Fire Protection Performance And Thermal Behavior Of Thin Film Intumescent Coating, Coatings, Volume 9, Page 483-495, 2019
12Rahizar Ramli, Handling Performance Optimisation For Formula Vehicle Using Multi-Objectives Evolutionary Algorithms, Vehicle System Dynamics, Page 1-16, 2019
13Rahizar Ramli, Multi-Objective Optimization Of All-Wheel Drive Electric Formula Vehicle For Performance And Energy Efficiency Using Evolutionary Algorithms, Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part D-Journal Of Automobile Engineering, Page 1-8, 2019
14Chan Yin Yin, Pang Yean Ling, Lai Chin Wei, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah, Chong Woon Chan, Biosynthesized Fe- And Ag-Doped Zno Nanoparticles Using Aqueous Extract Of Clitoria Ternatea Linn For Enhancement Of Sonocatalytic Degradation Of Congo Red, Environmental Science And Pollution Research, Page 1-17, 2019
15Jong Boon Ooi, Jinng-Hui Yap, Manh-Vu Tran, Jeffrey Chin Kong Leong, Experimental Investigation On The Droplet Burning Behavior Of Diesel−Palm Biodiesel Blends, Energy & Fuels, Volume 33, Page 11804-11811, 2019
16Chia Chun Lee, Manh-Vu Tran, Gianfranco Scribano, Cheng Tung Chong, Huynh Thanh Cong, Numerical Study Of Nox And Soot Formations In Hydrocarbon Diffusion Flames, Energy & Fuels, Volume 33, Page 12839-12851, 2019
17Jessica Jong Kwang Yin, Yew Ming Chian, Yew Ming Kun, Saw Lip Huat, Preparation Of Intumescent Fire Protective Coating For Fire Rated Timber Door, Coatings, Volume 9, Page 738-756, 2019
18Danny Chin Wei Kit, Pang Yean Ling, Lim Chun Hsion, Lee Kiat Moon, Two-Staged Acid Hydrolysis On Ethylene Glycol Pretreated Degraded Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch For Sugar Based Substrate Recovery, Bioresource Technology, Volume 292, Page 0-0, 2019

Publication 2016

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1 Lip Huat Saw , Yonghuang Ye, Andrew A.O. Tay, Integration issues of lithium-ion battery into electric vehicles battery pack, Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 113, 1 February 2016, Pages 1032–1045
2 Wen Tong Chonga, Abdullah Al-Mamoon, , Sin Chew Poh, Lip Huat Sawb, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Juwel Chandra Mojumdera, Sensitivity analysis of heat transfer rate for smart roof design by adaptive neuro-fuzzy technique, Energy and Buildings, Volume 124, 15 July 2016, Pages 112–119
3 Hooi Ling Khoo and Chun You Tang, Roundabout System Capacity Estimation and Control Strategy with Origin-Destination Pattern, Journal of Transportation Engineering, Volume 142, Issue 5 (May 2016)
4 Lay Eng Teoh, Hooi Ling Khoo, Green air transport system: An overview of issues, strategies and challenges, Sustainable Urban Transportation System, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, April 2016, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp 1040-1052
5K. W. Chew, Y. R. Yong, Effectiveness Comparison of Range Estimator for Battery Electric Vehicles, Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2016, Volume 376 of the series Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering pp 839-849
Publication 2015

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1 Yonghuang Ye, Lip Huat Saw, Yixiang Shi, Andrew A.O. Tay , Numerical analyses on optimizing a heat pipe thermal management system for lithium-ion batteries during fast charging, Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 86, 5 July 2015, Pages 281–291
Yonghuang Ye,Yixiang Shi, Lip Huat Saw, Andrew A.O. Tay, Performance assessment and optimization of a heat pipe thermal management system for fast charging lithium ion battery packs, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 92, January 2016, Pages 893–903
3 Hooi Ling Khoo,  K.S. Asitha, User requirements and route choice response to smart phone traffic applications (apps), Travel Behaviour and Society, Volume 3, January 2016, Pages 59–70

KHOO Hooi Ling, AHMED Muaid, A Case Study of Public Bus Driver Behaviour at Batu Feringghi, Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 11(0), 1982-1998, 2015.

Longyan Wang, Andy C.C. Tan, Yuantong Gu, Comparative study on optimizing the wind farm layout using different design methods and cost models, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Volume 146, November 2015, Pages 1–10.
Shuang Pan, Tian Han, Andy C. C. Tan, Terry Lin, Fault Diagnosis System of Induction Motors Based on Multiscale Entropy and Support Vector Machine with Mutual Information Algorithm, Shock and Vibration 2016(7):1-12 · January 2016.
7 Jing Yuen Tey, Rahizar Ramli, Ahmad Saifizul Abdullah, A new multi-objective optimization method for full-vehicle suspension systems, Journal of Automobile Engineering, October 27, 2015.

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