Centre Chair Message

Ir Ts Dr Bernard Saw Lip Huat

Welcome to the Centre for Sustainable Mobility Technologies (CSMT) at UTAR. Our centre has over a decade of experience as a leader in research and innovation in the field of mobility and transportation. We aim to take a fresh approach to tackle the challenges encountered in the modern society by bringing together experts from various disciplines into one focused Centre. 


We have multi-disciplinary teams working at the leading edge of fundamental and applied research in the broad field of energy, renewable materials, transportation technology as well as product design & development. You may explore our project pages and member profiles to find out more.


Our research is powered by excellent researchers and strong partnerships, both locally and internationally. We believe that there is great power in working together with others. This is perhaps best illustrated by our partnership with various universities in organizing the International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Green Technology (SEGT) to the benefit of the researchers and industries around the world.


The Centre looks forward to support and sustain an enthusiastic research and consultation environment, and to manage collaborative discussions with pioneering scholars in the field. We aspire to foster a positive mentoring culture for the growth of our young researchers, and to provide a stable platform that our experienced researchers can contribute to.


Whether you are a researcher wanting to realise your ambitions, a student wishing to enrich your educational experience, an associate desiring partnership with one of our researchers, or someone who is simply interested in the discoveries we are making, this site should lead you to the source.